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EXPERIENCE THE AUTUMN LIGHTS. North of Norway, not far from the North Pole, we find Spitsbergen and the mythical archipelago of Svalbard. Visiting the high Arctic with its untouched nature is a magical experience.


JOIN FREDRIK GRANATH, MELISSA SCHÄFER AND EXPEDITIONSRESOR on an expedition into the extreme wilderness of Svalbard. The goal of our expedition is to experience the dramatic autumn scenery and all the amazing wildlife around Svalbard.  

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SEPTEMBER 18-26, 2022

SEPTEMBER IS A SPECIAL TIME OF THE YEAR around Svalbard and Spitsbergen. After a long summer with midnight sun, the sun seeks its way lower and gives us a warm, beautiful light, with colorful sunsets.


We travel far out around the archipelago. Most sea ice is gone this time of year, and the North Pole pack ice has drifted to the north of the islands. This gives us the possibilities to reach far out to the most remote areas, including the classic 80° North latitude. As always we let current ice and weather conditions decide our route for the best possibilities to experience this world of ice and its impressive wildlife, of course including the polar bear. Hopefully we also encounter other animals, like whales, walrus, seals and when we’re on land: arctic fox and reindeer.


ON OUR EXPEDITION SHIP R/V KINFISH we are comfortably accommodated. During the days, when conditions allow, we leave the ship with our two zodiacs to cruise around for even closer contact with the amazing life and nature, like ice bergs and glaciers, or take a walk on land or the ice. The meals onboard are prepared by our Swedish chef, and when it’s possible we can also enjoy a late-night barbeque on land or on deck.  


WHEN WE ARE NOT EXPLORING THE NATURE outside the ship, we enjoy the comfort on deck, looking for polar bears, whales, seals and other animals, or relax in the cozy lounge.


The adventure of a lifetime?

All photos by Melissa Schäfer from our expeditions on Svalbard 2016-2019, except photos of the R/V Kinfish ship by Northern Expeditions.
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September 18-26, 2022

Departure Longyearbyen at 4 pm first day. Return Longyearbyen last day 9 am.



GROUP SIZE: maximum 12 people


PRICE per person:

US$ 7,900/EUR 6900



Shared twin cabin. All cabins have separate, lower beds, private bathroom/shower and a window to the ocean. 


Price includes:

- All activities, transportation and fees/permissions on Svalbard.

- Guiding in English by Fredrik Granath and one additional guide.

- All meals on board R/V Kinfish. (Dietary requirements like vegetarian, vegan, lactose, allergies etc are not a problem - just let us know).

- All drinks/beer/wine during the week.

- Local transport to and from airport and the ship in Longyearbyen.

- Large format photo book with memories from our journey.

- 120% Climate compensated trip including your flight.


Not included in the price:

- Flight to/from Longyearbyen

- Travel insurance

- Optional tip for the ship crew


Payment terms: A deposit of 20% after making your reservation. The rest is due two months before departure.

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Walrus spitsbergen freya
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For booking requests and questions, please send us a message here.

Thanks for your message! We will get back to you!

This expedition is produced in collaboration with the Swedish travel agency Expeditionsresor, one of the best adventure travel operators in the world. They handle all reservations. After making a booking request, they will get in contact with you by email to finalize your reservation.  

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On this expedition we use R/V Kinfish, a great expedition ship which guarantees us all the possibilites we want for our journey. She has cruised around Svalbard since 2018 and has been chartered by some of the biggest names in the photo- and cruise industry.


Kinfish is a beautiful expedition ship, superb for cruises and expeditions in the Arctic waters around Svalbard. Her size and layout allows for great flexibility and comfort. With room for just 12 guests the ship offers a great and intimate experience with the surrounding nature and wildlife. Just like Freya, she has perfect viewing possibilities from the multi-level outside areas as well as very cozy and comfortable indoor areas and cabins. 


Travelling with only 12 passengers makes it feel more like being on a private yacht rather than a bigger expedition ship. We have an experienced crew of five people plus two guides on board, everyone ready to assist and make the most out of our expedition. 

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Arctic winter adventure



The far north is an ecosystem in perfect balance when it has the cold and the ice it needs, but every single degree of warming has huge consequences, and this makes it extremely vulnerable. The high Arctic offers some of Earth’s most extreme conditions and it inhibits some of the strongest, most powerful wildlife. At the same time it is the most fragile place you can imagine.


All human activity leaves footprints, also this trip. On our expeditions everything happens on the terms of Svalbard’s environment and wildlife. If anything we do comes at a cost for these, we do all we humanly can to avoid it. We never disturb wildlife knowingly. If an animal seems affected by our presence we always back off and retreat. When an animal changes its behaviour because of us, we have failed. Being quiet and avoiding disturbance is a much easier task on our small ship with only 12 guests than the big ones, with dozens or hundreds of passengers.


By visiting the Arctic we leave footprints. And travelling with a ship, we can not avoid emitting greenhouse gases. We look at all aspects of these operations, big and small. All from what products are used on board and what food is served. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our operations. We also calculate all carbon emissions created during this trip, not only from the ship, but from our guests’ flights to Svalbard as well. And we carbon offset (climate compensate) everything connected with this expedition. Our goal is to over-compensate up to at least 120% - to give more than we take to our planet. This is not a perfect system, but it does help. 


We follow all national and international laws and regulations as well as the guidelines set up by The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO). But we also have our own guidelines to follow in situations when they are more strict.


The number one priority for this expedition is to safeguard the place and life we are here to observe. The goal is to learn about the Arctic, its environment and wildlife by experiencing it close at firsthand. 

16 landscape_glacier_23A7822.jpg




ARRIVAL IN THE ARCTIC In the afternoon we board our ship at the harbor in Longyearbyen. We meet the crew and have a safety briefing while we begin cruising out of Adventfjorden via Isfjorden out into the Arctic wilderness. We settle in on the ship and in our cabins. During the evening we eat a welcome dinner, socialize and enjoy the magnificent glaciers and mountains pass by as we travel towards the land of the polar bear. Magic is ahead.


DAY 2 - 8

EXPLORING THE ARCTIC WILDERNESS Our exact route will be decided by ice and weather conditions. Our goal is to explore and experience as much as possible of what the Arctic has to offer and encounter the impressive wildlife, of course hopefully also the King of the Arctic: the polar bear. When conditions allow, we get into our zodiacs to cruise around and perhaps go on land to visit a walrus colonies and other places of interest. This time of year there isn’t much ice around, which should give us the possibility to head for some of the most remote areas of the archipelago, like the Austfonna glacier, Kvitøya as well as the edge of the North Pole pack ice. 



BYE BYE ARCTIC After a last breakfast together on the ship it is time to leave. There is time to explore the village some more and perhaps shop some souveniers for friends and family back home.

Please note: Our exact route and travel plans are depending on weather and ice conditions and where we expect the best opportunities at the time of our expedition. We will do everything possible to make the most out of our Arctic adventure. Flexibility is the key to a successful expedition!


During our expeditions we typically encounter polar bears and other wildlife, such as seals, walrus, foxes, as well as in summer-autumn also some whales. And of course always the magical scenery of Svalbard. There are never any guarantees for anything up here though. But we do know one thing: it will be amazing. It always is, and every expedition is unique and unlike the others.

Nature is the boss. And that is what makes this a true adventure.

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Spitsbergen cruise
Melissa Schäfer on Svalbard
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Come watch the tones of changing light. From starlit days to sun-filled nights

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