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The Motherbear Melissa Schäfer Fredrik Granath

Fredrik Granath

Expedition leader and producer Fredrik Granath works together with his partner, photographer Melissa Schäfer, and their Motherbear Productions, documenting the nature and wildlife of the Arctic. The focus is on the life of the polar bear and its role in a changing climate.


Fredrik is a leading expert on field work and production in the polar regions. He has assembled a unique expertise of working under the most extreme conditions and is specialised in polar bears. Since 2001 Fredrik has been working around the Arctic on his own projects, and also as a producer for other film- and photographic projects, including work for film studios and the National Geographic. He has been published in the New York Times, GEO, Vanity Fair and many others, and co-authored the book “Polar Tales” with Melissa Schäfer.


Together, with their Motherbear Productions, Fredrik and Melissa organise expeditions in the Arctic with the ship M/S Freya since 2016.

Melissa Schäfer Arctic Svalbard Motherbear Schafer Schaefer

Melissa Schäfer

From her early childhood days in Hamburg, Germany, Melissa has viewed the world through her camera lens. With a background in creative and portrait photography she has always had a unique eye for the surroundings. A deep love for the Arctic and polar bears as well as a strong commitment to nature and the environment is a foundation for all her work.


In 2020 Melissa and Fredrik published their book “Polar Tales” worldwide in English. It has also been published in German as “Das Königreich der Eisbären”, Swedish as “Bortom isbjörnens rike” and Chinese. Melissa is the founder and editor in chief of the “Mother” magazine, which launched in 2023. She has been published by The New York Times, National Geographic, GEO and many others.

Melissa and Fredrik live outside Stockholm, Sweden with their two dogs, Nanuk and Pingo, who is an adopted sled dog from Svalbard.

Lianna Nixon Evans Arctic Svalbard Motherbear

Lianna Nixon

Lianna Nixon is an award-winning conservation storyteller, environmental science educator, and expedition guide. 

Her work explores how storytelling impacts learning about climate science and intersectional environmentalism. Today she works for Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) to help scientists communicate their work to the public. Lianna's work has been published in magazines such as GEO, CBS, ABC, Stern, Nature, PM, and many academic journals. 

She is specialised in the Arctic region and has vast experience of working around Alaska and Svalbard. She has worked as expedition leader and guide on many expeditions around the Arctic, in Alaska and on Svalbard since 2017.

Lianna, her husband, and her dog live in Vancouver, Washington, U.S.A.

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