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Expeditions this winter and spring

Our expeditions this winter and spring on Svalbard are now behind us, after 32 days around the islands. We are back home, filled with nothing but gratitude for all encounters, experiences and new friends made.

We have sailed through the midwinter and spring of the Arctic and seen the light, colors, ice, and of course the wildlife change with the seasons. There is nothing quite like it.

We also made many wonderful new friends on our four expeditions on board MS Freya. We manage to attract such amazing and beautiful people, wanting to experience the Arctic for all the right reasons. Not only have talked a lot about respect - about approaching nature and wildlife with the notion of being guests up here - but we have shown it. We let the animals decide. We never approach or follow someone who is disturbed by our presence or clearly changes its behaviour. That is how we work. And it doesn’t get better than when someone like the guy in this photo decides to share some of his life with us. One of many encounters and moments that leaves us with so much love for a region we still, after all this time here, consider ourselves guests in.

And we are so happy and proud to have Lianna Nixon with us now as a crucial part of Team Motherbear. Hubba, Bubba & Jabba.


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