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Welcome to Mother Magazine

Our magazine, born from a deep appreciation for Mother Nature, is a testament to the captivating stories and images captured by women in photography and storytelling. More than just a magazine, "Mother" has grown into a movement—a collective force fueled by the passion and dedication of everyone who believes in the power of storytelling and photography. Together, we are not just documenting the wonders of nature; we are actively contributing to its preservation and celebrating the unique perspectives that women bring to this narrative. And there is always space for some magic and old tales. Mother is a project that connects the world in 132 pages. 

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Mother Volume 1- The beginning

Contributors: Cristina Mittermeier, Rita Kluge, Lianna Nixon, Julia Astok, Jenny Wong, Anna-Clara Neuner, Lisalove Bäckman, Lisa Sihlberg, Magda Lindblom, Malin Hanning, Molly Ferrill, Natascha Klein, Sonja Sandström, Merche Llobera & Melissa Schäfer. 


Mother Volume 2 - Otherworldly

Contributors: Ami Vitale, Elizabeth Gadd, Helen Walne, Elin Zlatkovic, Michelle Moree, Charly Savely, Brooke Pyke, Inger Vandyke, Lara Jackson, Hannah Alexander, Ketter Raudmets, Amanda Morrison, Julie Chandelier, Alexandra Surkova and Tiina Itkonen.

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Mother Volume 3: A New Era

Contributors: Sophie Darlington & Jane Goodall/Vital Impacts, Karen Jerzyk, Sophie Lanfear, Julia Wimmerlin, Kristina Makeeva, Merche Llobera, Jacqueline Carina Werrmann, Gretchen Kay Stuart, Hannah Schröder & Greta Schröder, Nicki Pollack, Anne Geier, Ashley Voykin, Julia McNeill Richardson, Deanna DeShea, Jenna Dixon.


Mother Volume 1 -
The beginning


Mother Volume 2 - Otherworldly


Mother Volume 3 -
A New Era

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