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Cover by Kristina Makeeva

Mother Volume 3: A New Era


The exclusive and limited print edition of "Mother" magazine. This is a non-profit project. 


"Mother" magazine is about Mother Earth and female power. Kicking off with a foreword by Sophie Darlington in collaboration with Jane Goodall & Vital Impacts, this third issue consists of stories and photographs from some of the most talented female photographers and filmmakers from around the world. Every contributor has a different angle, talent, and viewpoint of the relationship with nature, and they all come together in the beautiful melting pot we’ve named “Mother.” 


Everything begins and ends with Mother Earth. Together we tell her story.


A digital online edition of the magazine will also be available online from July1. Volume 3 will also have some extened articles in the online version as well as some guest articles!  

Contributors: Sophie Darlington & Jane Goodall/Vital Impacts, Karen Jerzyk, Sophie Lanfear, Julia Wimmerlin, Kristina Makeeva, Merche Llobera, Jacqueline Carina Werrmann, Gretchen Kay Stuart, Hannah Schröder & Greta Schröder, Nicki Pollack, Anne Geier, Ashley Voykin, Julia McNeill Richardson, Deanna DeShea, Jenna Dixon.


Cover photo by Kristina Makeeva.

Extra Article with Anderson Rocio. "Power In Us"

Supported by SONY 🩵



"Mother" Volume 3. English magazine.


• Format: 27x21 cm (10.6x8.3 inches), weight 0.4 kg (0.9 lbs), 132 pages.

• Published by The Motherbear Productions on June 1, 2024.

All income generated will remain within the magazine, maintaining its non-profit status. These funds will be allocated towards covering printing costs, as well as supporting future editions and related expenses.

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