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Collaborations of Impact

Collaborations that bring positive change to our world provide opportunities for everyone to get involved. Mother Magazine and The Motherbear Productions are proud to support these organizations and non-profits that strive to make a difference.

Plastic Polluted Ocean


Together with Anderson Rocio we created a platform for Women Creatives to tell their stories of Nature through Video. These videos and photographs would then be curated to become the Official Music Video for the ‘Power In Us’ song. This World Ocean Month, June 16th 2024,


"Since the very beginnings of our organization, we have worked persistently to implement Childhood´s vision: to ensure that all children have a safe and loving childhood, free from violence, exploitation and sexual abuse, in a world where such is not tolerated." In June 2024 we made a first donation of  €1000. 

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Vital Impacts is collaborating with Jane Goodall and 90 influential women photographers from across the globe featuring breathtaking art that reimagines our relationships to the natural world. 

Sixty percent of the proceeds will be dedicated to the Jane Goodall Institute. The remaining forty percent will support the artists. Sale ends July 2.


SeaVoice tells stories that explore the collision of culture and climate with our oceans, rivers, and lakes. Curated by academics on the frontline of the ocean climate crisis, this non-profit digital platform amplifies the voices, research, activism, and art of the people who work, live, and survive by bodies of water. 

We are proud to be a part of it.

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Interview with Sony Europe when Volume 1 just arrived, followed by a webinar and more.


100 for the Ocean was created to help raise funds and showcase the work of under-funded ocean conservation groups to amplify their mission and message to reach people across the world. 

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Interview with Sony Europe Volume 2.

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