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Mother Volume 2 - Otherworldly

Mother Volume 2 - Otherworldly


The exclusive and limited print edition of "Mother" magazine. This is a non-profit project. 


"Mother" magazine is about Mother Earth and female power. Kicking off with a foreword by Ami Vitale, this second issue consists of stories and photographs from 14 of the most talented female photographers from around the world. Every contributor has a different angle, talent, and viewpoint of the relationship with nature, and they all come together in the beautiful melting pot we’ve named “Mother.” 


Everything begins and ends with Mother Earth. Together we tell her story.


A digital online edition of the magazine will also be available online from November 1.

Contributors: Ami Vitale, Elizabeth Gadd, Helen Walne, Elin Zlatkovic, Michelle Moree, Charly Savely, Brooke Pyke, Inger Vandyke, Lara Jackson, Hannah Alexander, Ketter Raudmets, Amanda Morrison, Julie Chandelier, Alexandra Surkova and Tiina Itkonen.


Cover photo by Elizabeth Gadd.




"Mother" Volume 2. English magazine.


• Format: 27x21 cm (10.6x8.3 inches), weight 0.4 kg (0.9 lbs), 132 pages.

• Published by The Motherbear Productions on October 1, 2023.


You may order a maximum of 5 copies.


Supported by SONY 🩵

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