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MOTHER Magazine

Melissa has been working hard during the last couple of months. And now it’s time to reveal something very special.

The “Mother” magazine is about Mother Earth and female power. Kicking off with a foreword by Cristina Mittermeier, the first issue consists of stories and photographs from 14 of the most talented female photographers from around the world. Every contributor has a different angle, talent, and viewpoint of the relationship with nature, and they all come together in the beautiful melting pot we’ve named “Mother.”

The stories tell about the connection to nature we all should seek, no matter in which way. Today this connection is being lost, at the same time as it’s becoming increasingly important. “Mother” magazine covers pole to pole and most in between in the form of portraits, poetry, storytelling, image language, and moments.

Everything begins and ends with Mother Earth. Together we tell her story.

Volume One of "Mother" is published on February 18.

The magazine is a non-profit project created by Melissa Schäfer, supported by Sony Europe.

The exclusive and limited print edition is FREE. You only pay for shipping.

Pre-order your own copy here:

A digital edition of the magazine will also be available online from February 18.


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