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The winter field work

Our field work this winter and spring was a big success. In March we headed out on the ice of the frozen fjords and waters around Svalbard traveling by snowmobiles. Although our spell was shorter than normal we came back with some great material of nature, scenery and wildlife. Most of the time we spent around Spitsbergen and its frozen fjords, this time more focusing on the scenery and ice than wildlife.

In the end of March we chartered M/S Freya together with an American friend and his family for a private photo expedition around the islands. Winds remained strong throughout the week, but we had a wonderful time and encountered some beautiful bears and other wildlife.

Although the long term trend in the Arctic and around Svalbard is crystal clear: the ice is melting, this winter had quite good conditions, with cold, stable weather and frozen fjords. Also, the North Pole pack-ice had drifted south and embraced the islands, which also gave a cooling effect.

Later, in May, we headed out on our own expedition, produced in collaboration with Expeditionsresor, where we brought 18 amazing guests from all over the world. It turned out to be one of the best expeditions ever with a number of great encounters with polar bears. Not only close encounters, but we got to spend time with a few bears who shared their lives and behaviour with us in a way which is very special. We left the ship wanting more and missing all the new friends we’ve made. Some of them for life.

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