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The New York Times, online talk and more

A few news items from the last couple of weeks!


The Arctic is warming and the ice is melting. There is a new article in The New York Times about Svalbard and travel, and they talked to us.

“The map has been completely redrawn during my time here,” said Fredrik Granath, an author, photographer and expedition leader who has 20 years of experience working on Svalbard. “Routes we used to travel on foot or by snowmobile only 10 years ago are now accessible only by boat. It gets worse every year ... You cannot describe the brutality of what is happening with images or words alone,” Mr. Granath says. “Svalbard is at a tipping point. Some people need to experience it first hand, or this incredibly important story will unfold unseen.”

Read the full article here:


Fredrik did a live talk online with the United Nations for their Convention on Biodiversity about our work, climate change and of course polar bears. You can check it out here:


National Parks Traveler is next in line with a review of our latest book.

“All the books I have seen published by Rizzoli International Publications have been expensive, large format productions with superb production qualities, and Polar Tales is no exception. The text is informative and well-written, and the photography simply spectacular … The authors hope that by portraying polar bears and the beauties of the Arctic they can put a dent in the apathy of people who could never experience them in person. If the incredible photography in Polar Tales cannot make a small dent, nothing will.”

Read the full review here:


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