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Online edition

"Mother" Volume 1 is now online.

The idea from the beginning with mother was to make a printed magazine. Something you can hold and feel. We make books, but this is a slow process, involving a lot of people. Our last book tool five years to make, and the one we are working on now will probably not be ready in another couple of years. We love it. Making a magazine also takes time, but it is faster.

“Mother” also is taking a step back in time. To when a great photograph would last, and a beautiful story could be revisited and read all over again. We feel that today, social media and the online world is shortening our attention span and has a tendency to make deep and important things shallow. A beautiful photograph is looked on for a few seconds at best, then the viewer scrolls on and the photograph is never seen again. Social media is great for many things. But our way of consuming media is often turning brilliance to trash and great words can not be more than of a sentence or two, because after that they’re clicked away.

That is why we wanted to make the printed magazine.

But, as promised, we also publish it online. By now we hope that everyone who pre-ordered has received their copy.

So here it is. We have tried our best to make it a nice viewing experience with a “magazine feeling”. We recommend using a computer or tablet.

Read it here:


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