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Winter and spring on Svalbard

We’re back home from the expeditions around the islands of Svalbard this winter and spring. We can not find words for all the magic we have experienced during these months. We are of course thankful for the nature we’ve seen, and all the unique encounters with wildlife we’ve had. Most of all we are happy for the new friends we’ve made - those who have joined us on these expeditions, everyone coming to the Arctic for the right reasons. And we are thankful for the best expedition ship and crew in the Arctic, M/S Freya.


Back in March-April we had more sea ice than we’ve seen around the islands in two decades. Great news and a temporary band-aid for life up here that so desperately needs the ice to thrive and survive. It gave us some challenges, but those came back with great rewards. There is nothing like real Arctic winter. But then in May, this ice began breaking up and melting, also this in record speed.


You can see some photos from our expeditions in March-May here:



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