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"Das Königreich der Eisbären" German book

"Das Königreich der Eisbären" German book


"Das Königreich der Eisbären". German book by Melissa Schäfer and Fredrik Granath.


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Published by Frederking & Thaler Verlag on October 14, 2020. Format: 30x24 cm (12x9.5 inches), weight 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs), 256 pages.

  • "Das Königreich der Eisbären" is a large format book with photography and stories about the Arctic and the polar bear.


    The Arctic is the ground zero of climate change, and the polar bear is on the front line. Filled with groundbreaking photography that reveals the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic and the transformations of the environment through the changing lives of polar bears, it's a firsthand report from the top of our planet.

    "Das Königreich der Eisbären" tells the story of an ice world in transformation and a planet nearing its tipping point--the moment when Earth's climate begins to change irreversibly. This book is both a celebration of the wildlife that inhabits this most unforgiving and beautiful environment imaginable--mountains, fjords, enormous glaciers, and the seemingly endless pack ice of the Arctic Ocean--and a cautionary tale of global warming. Set against the dramatic landscape of ice floes, ragged mountains and the spectacle of the polar night readers see how polar bears, foxes, seals, walruses, and reindeer now struggle to live in this vulnerable climate. Images of a polar bear mother as she takes her newborns out for their first hunt, a seal pup only hours old, and the spectacle of Arctic nature are reminders of what is at risk.


    It is about ice. It is about life.
    It is about all of us.


    The Swedish edition was awarded "Book of the year 2020" by the World Wildlife Fund. The jury said:


    "First we see the amazing photographs. The seemingly monochrome scenery of the Arctic appears in an incredible variety of color and beauty. But here is also the most important story of our time, about how things we thought were eternal are disappearing. With stylistic elegance, the authors grab the reader already on the first page, and keep their grip throughout the entire book. They tell about their love for the polar bear and at the same time they open our eyes to how quickly the North Pole ice is melting, how a frozen continent is dissolving into water. The book is an exquisite tale in images and text, a burning testimony about a rapidly changing world.”

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