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Corona update

We are not kings and queens of Earth. Nature is. We can not control it, only take care of it.

If we take care of nature, it takes care of us. If we don’t, it doesn’t.

Hopefully what happens now makes us all realize this.

We can not go on living like there is no tomorrow. Like everything will be fine if we just look the other way. All our actions have consequences. We keep saying that. Consequences not only for ourselves, but for life far away. And perhaps not consequences right away, but in a few years or decades.

Someone said that climate change should have the PR agency of corona. We hope that is never needed, but instead that what happens now makes us think. The risk of course is that once this virus blows over, we go in higher speed than ever before to make up for all financial losses of this crisis. Hopefully that won’t happen, and we rebuild and move forward with care and caution instead. A climate change crisis can’t be contained by washing hands and closing borders. And once it hits bad, it won’t go away quickly, no matter what we do.

We will get through this. But what will we learn? Is it time for a brave new world? One based on love and care for each other and this beautiful planet? We say yes.


We went to Svalbard last week after months of planning for a long and beautiful winter, but our stay this time became short. Conditions were perfect, freezing cold and sea ice like we haven’t seen in many years - all the Arctic winter we had hoped for. And then came the corona chaos. Countries around the world began shutting down, and then also Norway and Svalbard.

Things change almost every hour, so it’s impossible to know what it looks like tomorrow and even less next week or month. Not wanting to risk being isolated in the north for too long, we decided to head back to our other home, Stockholm, Sweden. We do have our girl Nanuk here after all, and being away from her for longer than planned is not an option.

Flying home was like being in an apocalyptic Hollywood film, with police everywhere, and people in protective suits and faces hidden behind masks taking us aside into small barracks, asking questions like we had arrived from outer space.

As soon as things calm down we will return north. We don’t know if that’s next week or next month.

We are in this together. The important thing now is that we all stay calm and healthy. It is difficult, but let’s try to keep a little distance to each other for a while.

Not because we’re scared, but because we care about each other.

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

All our love,

Fredrik & Melissa


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