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Arctic expeditions in 2021

Due to high demand we have added one more trip for 2021.

In March and April 2021 we cruise deep into the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard with the best ship in the Arctic - M/S Freya. The goal is to experience the dramatic landscapes, mighty glaciers, beautiful fjords and encounter all the amazing wildlife around Svalbard. In midwinter the landscapes are covered in snow, and there should be plenty of ice around the islands, which our ship handles well. The end of March and early April is also the last few days before the midnight sun, offering us the magical light only the high Arctic has this time of year. This is an exclusive expedition with a small group.

The adventure of a lifetime?

For more information, visit this link:

If you have any questions, e-mail

Please note that all expeditions in 2020 are sold out.


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