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Major award for our book!

The Swedish edition of our new book, "Bortom isbjörnens rike", has won the prestigious award “Panda Book of the Year“ from the World Wildlife Fund.

There are years of hard work behind this, and we’re so incredibly proud of the result. This book comes at a time when the world needs it. Next fall it is published in the US, UK and throughout Europe.

This is the polar bear’s book. It is about us.

The jury says: "First we see the amazing photographs. The seemingly monochrome scenery of the Arctic appears in an incredible variety of color and beauty. But here is also the most important story of our time, about how things we thought were eternal are disappearing. With stylistic elegance, the authors grab the reader already on the first page, and keep their grip throughout the entire book. They tell about their love for the polar bear and at the same time they open our eyes to how quickly the North Pole ice is melting, how a frozen continent is dissolving into water. The book is an exquisite tale in images and text, a burning testimony about a rapidly changing world.”

The award will be presented by his majesty King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden at a ceremony at the Ulriksdal Castle in Stockholm on October 11

The book is in stores in Sweden on October 18. The English edition is coming to the US and UK in October 2020, there will also be a German edition next fall. More languages to be announced soon. The international editions will be available for pre-order from Amazon and others this winter.

For our Scandinavian friends, support the WWF and get the book from them:

Or order the book from Adlibris (shipping only to Sweden):

It is also available here, signed by us with international shipping:


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