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News on April expeditions

Because of what is happening in the world the expeditions we had planned on Svalbard in April are not happening. This is a very sad situation. But most important now is that we all stay safe and healthy.

We and Expeditionsresor have always promised to take care of our guests, and everyone is getting a full refund, or the possibility to choose a later date. None of our guests will lose a single cent. This is important.

For us personally, these are very difficult times. This is costing us a fortune, but we do believe we will all come out stronger at the other end of this chaos. We are now reaching out to all our guests on the phone. The ones we haven’t reached yet will get a call this weekend.

We can not put words to how much all the love, understanding and support we are getting from everyone means.

And because we have moved some of the guests to next year, all our expeditions 2021 are now sold out. We will announce new dates soon.


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